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DeAara Lewis

“I will not wait on Hollywood to tell me when I am good enough.”

Actor. Writer. Producer. Director. DeAara Lewis.

At a young age, Lewis decided that she wasn’t going to just wait on opportunities, but instead create her own.

Drawing on her experience as an award-winning competitive actress in high school competitions and as a working actress and writer in college and beyond, Lewis co-starred in two independent films that she wrote and produced entitled, "The Forgotten Ones" and "Tricks.", both earning her critical praise, sold out screenings and a dedicated following.

An avid supporter and advocate of artists using the internet to gain exposure for their work and an unrelenting desire to perform again, Lewis decided her next project would come in the form of an online one-woman show entitled, "The People Inside My Head." Inspired by the one woman shows of Whoopi Goldberg and the one man shows of John Leguizamo, Lewis saw this as an opportunity to tell stories about the trials and experiences of being a free-thinking woman from the south and all that came along with it.

A native of Memphis, TN where talent can be found from church pew to street corner and everywhere in between, Lewis began developing her talents early. As her love for acting and storytelling grew, she reached out to Oprah Winfrey seeking advice on breaking into the industry. To Lewis’ surprise and delight, Winfrey wrote her back and advised her to stay in school, go to college and learn everything she could about both crafts. That advice, coupled with an article Lewis read titled, “Hollywood Blackout”, exposing the dismal reality of the lack of work and representation for people of color and women, sparked her deep determination to portray the diverse, powerhouse roles that she had grown to love and learned to develop.

Lewis graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Communications with a concentration in film and went directly to work on her first film, the independent short, "The Forgotten Ones." Due to her training in the process psychodrama and other psychological healing techniques, she weaved those themes into the film to deliver a frank message about emotional wounds, sexual abuse and the consequences of sexual oppression. "The Forgotten Ones" played in numerous festivals and earned an honorable mention at the Women of Color Film Festival in New York City. Additionally, the University of Denver purchased and adapted the film to use in conjunction with the curriculum for their Psychology department.

In "Tricks.", her first independent feature film offering, Lewis wrote, produced, directed and co-starred. Tricks confronts the forbidden subject of prostitution through fictional accounts of five prostitutes and their enterprising madam. The story focuses on their struggles to survive and thrive in an industry that is considered immoral and debauched. "Tricks." opened to favorable critical reviews and still routinely screens to mostly sold out audiences for private showings and festivals including the Hattiloo Black Film Festival, the Hollywood Black Film Festival and the Indie Memphis Film Festival. It has sold out repeatedly in select stores, its website and has developed an underground following in her native home, Memphis, TN.

Lewis also works as free lance journalist for the Memphis Tri State Defender and has lent both her serious and comical sides of her personality to magazines and online editorials, including Psychology Today, Elle, Step-by-Step Marketing and AOL on a variety of topics.

She is currently producing "One Chick Army" a show on Youtube that covers a variety of topics and has numerous projects in development.

Lewis also served on the board of Fuelfilm: Memphis for two years, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating filmmakers and connecting them with investors.

When she is not writing or performing she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and practicing Krav Maga, an Israeli form of martial arts combined with street fighting.