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What's the 411?

DeAara Beyond

8/20/13 - "The Pastor and the Prostitute" now available to watch! Click here to check it out!

8/8/13 - Hard at work on the next episode. Hint: It's called "The Pastor and the prostitute."

8/5/13 - "What Will I Tell My Son?" now available to watch! Click here to check it out!

7/29/13 - Just wrapped shooting for my first "monorhyme" - What Will I Tell My Son? - get ready folks!

7/3/13 - "The People Inside My Head" has premiered! Click here to check it out!

5/30/13 - Yeah, it's been a while since I've updated this portion of my website. But don't think it's because I haven't been working! Check out the new "Tricks" website! "The People Inside My Head" will for real this time, be debuting next month and I have some new pics coming! Thank you guys for being so patient! I promise it is worth the wait!

11/2/12 - Didn't You See the Red Flags? Read the warning signs that no woman should Ignore at

11/2/12 - "The Obama Stride" surpassed 10,000 views! Go to to watch!

10/17/12 - Two more Obama Stride Flash Mobs will be uplooaded shortly!

10/15/12 - A "Do It Scared" Blog Post Coming Shortly!

10/11/12 - The Obama Stride performed at the Gay Pride Parade in Memphis, TN!

9/19/12 - The Obama Stride video to be released at the end of the week! Help us get the word out! Support President Obama!

9/15/12 - The very first Obama Stride Flash Mob was a success! Even the former mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton got in the mix!

9/1/12 - DeAara has been tapped to produce the Obama Stride Flash Mob!

8/15/12 - DeAara will be releasing her first independent film, "The Forgotten Ones" available to view for free! More info to come!

8/10/12 - "The People Inside My Head" is coming debuting soon! Stay tuned!